Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Simple Fix for a Slow PC

A couple of weeks ago I joined a business and tech group called Gnomies.  This group is led by Chris Pirillo, a well-known tech and entrepreneurial expert.  If you want to know more about Gnomies, go to

This blog posting is not about Gnomies per se.  This posting is about a tip that I heard from a couple of the Gnomies a few days ago, a tip that I have used before but had forgotten about.

In the process of joining Gnomies, I have been adding some software to my laptop to enable me to converse live with the Gnomies and see the Gnomies and be seen.  As a result, some shortcuts have been added to my desktop.  I already had quite a few shortcuts on my desktop, so my desktop was becoming cluttered.  I heard these two Gnomies say that they don't have any shortcuts on their desktops, that it is just as easy to hit the start button on the bottom left of their screens and access the programs from there.  That also reminded me that having a cluttered desktop can slow your system down since Windows checks the shortcuts on a frequent basis.  I have noticed my system has been slowing down, especially lately with the additional shortcuts.  Last night I decided to do something about that.  I deleted all the shortcuts from my desktop, and now I see a noticeable difference in the response of my system.  It is taking less time to start my laptop, and my system seems to be quicker in loading and running programs.  I am glad the Gnomies had reminded me of this tip.

Deleting shortcuts will not solve every speed problem on a PC, but it certainly is an easy fix to try.  It is another reason I am glad I joined Gnomies.  This organization is dedicated to helping the members, helping each other in both tech and non-tech ways.  Even Chris Pirillo, the lead Gnomie, has found time to help me on more than one occasion.  This posting is an small attempt to return the favor and try to be on the giving end instead of the receiving end of help by Gnomies.  After all, I am one, and I am happy to be one.  

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