Thursday, February 2, 2012

Is Vista Really That Bad?

I have been using the Windows Vista operating system for sometime, and I have not found it to be a bad system.  I have never had the dreaded "blue screen of death", which indicates that there is a very serious problem with your PC.  I do not seem to be having any other serious problems with Vista.  Maybe I am just use to them, and thus they, if any, don't bother me.  I have wanted to install Windows 7 onto my laptop because I have heard that it is an excellent operating system, but other priorities have prevented from me doing so.

Vista made a bad start when it first came out.  There were problems installing it.  There were problems running it.  There were a lack of compatible drivers for the PCs to interface with other equipment, like printers.  Thus it has a bad reputation.   I did not get my current laptop until about a year later or so later after Vista came out.  By then most of these problems had been resolved.  Thus I have not seen or endured through any of Vista's initial problems.  There is nothing wrong with Vista now that makes me want to upgrade to Windows 7.  It would be nice to have the enhancements of Windows 7, but Vista is running fine on my PC now.

Given that my experience with Vista is not unique, it goes to show you how important first impressions are.  Vista did not have a good first impression, and it is still paying for that.  Windows 7 made a good first impression (Microsoft certainly learned its lesson), and it has a good reputation.  I have been told that I should always make a good first impression.  I guess that adage applies to operating systems as well.

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Dan Verner said...


I like the new name for your blog. I had the same experience with Vista and Windows 7. Thanks for a geek-y insight! :^)