Monday, January 12, 2015

Thrilled Using Google Wallet

I am thrilled today.  Why am I so thrilled?  Today I finally completed the setup of my Google Wallet account by verifying my bank checking account as a funding source for my Google Wallet account.  

The first thing I did after this verification was to transfer some money from my checking account into my Google Wallet account.  It worked flawlessly with no extra charge for the transfer.  Now I feel much safer using my Google Wallet card for payments instead of my bank debit card.   My debit card has been compromised three times in about a year's time.  Now if my Google Wallet card is hacked, the hackers will only get a card number that is no longer valid.  So, take that, hackers!  Bring it on!  No longer do I have to worry about my checking account being drained of funds.  No longer do I have to go through the painful process of updating user accounts with my new debit card.  Hopefully I have updated my user accounts with my Google Wallet for the last time.  
You can see why I am thrilled.  It is a good feeling going into a store and paying with my Google Wallet card.  Oh, someday the hackers may find a way to hack the Google Wallet payment system, but it won't be anytime soon.  I am betting that Google will be able to keep their payment system secure.  It certainly is more secure than the debit/credit card payment system.

Yes, today I am thrilled! 

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